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Akshay’s Paper Featured on MSDE Cover

Congratulations to Akshay Iyer, whose paper “Data Centric Nanocomposites Design via Mixed-Variable Bayesian Optimization”, has been published in and featured on the cover of Molecular Systems Design & Engineering (Issue 8)! The artwork was prepared by Askhay himself. Please be sure to read the paper, referenced below.

Iyer, A., Zhang, Y., Prasad, A., Gupta, P., Tao, S., Wang, Y., Prabhune, P., Schadler, L.S., Brinson, L.C. and Chen, W., 2020. Data centric nanocomposites design via mixed-variable Bayesian optimizationMolecular Systems Design & Engineering.

Akshay Iyer's MSDE Cover Paper

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