Integrated DEsign Automation Laboratory

Integrated DEsign Automation Laboratory


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Design Under Uncertainty

In this research area, the principles of robust design and reliability design are integrated to develop generic probabilistic approaches to engineering design under uncertainty. Our research has been focused on all aspects of uncertainty quantification, uncertainty propagation, and probabilistic optimization.


Metamodeling for Simulation-Based Design

For reducing the enormous computational cost of complex scientific and engineering simulations, our goal in this area of research is to develop efficient response surface modeling (metamodeling) approaches to provide approximation models of lower computational cost as surrogates of the expensive simulations.


Model Uncertainty Quantification and Validation

Model validation is an important research topic across different domains in science and engineering. In most of the existing work, model validation is achieved by verifying the model accuracy from the perspective of model builder, which requires enormous experimentation resources.


Design of Emerging Materials System - Stochastic Multiscale Analysis and Design

Our objective in this area is to develop a stochastic multiscale computational design methodology to enable design of robust and reliable microstructural materials systems following the paradigm of simulation-based design using predictive materials models at multiple scales.


Robust Shape and Topology Optimization

Robust shape and topology optimization is an emerging research area that recognizes the substantial role topology optimization plays in engineering design innovation and the need to synthesize novel conceptual designs with consideration of practical random-field uncertainties, such as the variation in the loading, material properties, or geometric variations due to the imprecise manufacturing process.


Decision-Based Enterprise-Driven Design

Decision-Based Enterprise-Driven Design is an emerging research area that recognizes the substantial role decisions play in design and the need to synthesize business and engineering models in multidisciplinary design environments.


Multidisciplinary Design Optimization

Our goal is to develop design methodologies and optimization techniques that enable the multidisciplinary collaborative product development in the highly distributed environments.


Integrated DEsign Automation Laboratory

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