Integrated DEsign Automation Laboratory

Integrated DEsign Automation Laboratory

Decision-Based Enterprise-Driven Design

Decision-Based Enterprise-Driven Design is an emerging research area that recognizes the substantial role decisions play in design and the need to synthesize business and engineering models in multidisciplinary design environments. At the core of this research area is the establishment of rigorous decision-making principles and study of the interrelationships between enterprise product planning and engineering product development. Our current research focus is on developing analytical approaches that bridge the gap between quantitative engineering design decisions and qualitative consumer preferences through demand modeling. We aim to integrate a Discrete Choice Analysis (DCA) based approach to product demand analysis into a Decision-Based Design (DBD) framework that supports a company’s goal of making profitable products. The DCA is based on probabilistic choice models, which were originated in mathematical psychology and developed in parallel by economists and cognitive psychologists. With the DBD framework, engineering design is modeled as a decision-making process that seeks to maximize the value of a designed artifact under uncertainty and risk. In our research, the economic theory on demand analysis is adapted to construct product demand models that are applicable to engineering design. Our current research is focused on modeling the heterogeneity of consumers’ preferences and the impact of social network on consumers’ choices.  Our research is anticipated to revolutionize the way engineering design and quality improvement are implemented in industry and make significant contributions to enhancing competitiveness in developing profitable products. Industry will have a design framework such that designers can focus their engineering efforts on the most critical areas of feature upgrades and quality improvement, considering not only the engineering requirements but also the business interests, customer desires, and market behavior.

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Integrated DEsign Automation Laboratory

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